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Drink well, Live well

Good wine are meant to be shared!

Inspired by this idea, we dedicated to delivering the best quality wines around the world.

Our brand story at Wine Match is founded on the principles of quality, accessibility, and community. We believe that wine should be an enjoyable experience that brings people together.

Our mission is to elevate the entire wine-drinking experience by providing our customers with access to the highest quality wines at affordable prices

Wine Match

"The best way to learn about wine is by drinking"

Alexis Lichine

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Every bottle is chosen with care, based on its complex flavour profile, rich history, and unique terroir, we enjoy sharing their unique stories and the rich history and culture behind every bottle.

We offer free advisory services for banquet wines, party wines or other tasting events.

Whether you are a seasoned wine connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of wine, Wine Match is your go-to destination for the finest wines at affordable prices.

We commit to delivering the best experience possible to our customers.

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Food pairing

Expert ideas and tips on food and wine pairing cater to your needs.


Decent and customized gift packaging for special ocassions: Birthday, Anniversary & Corporate Gift.

Expert Choice

All wines are carefully selected by our WSET trained expert.